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Aftonklänningar recensioner

A-linjeformat Axelbandslös Golv-längd Chiffong Aftonklänning med Pärlbrodering Svallande Krås (017013808)
Linda 2014-09-23 08:45:25
The dress fit perfectly (ordered with personal measurement and in the color dark navy)!! So beautiful and well made. And delivery to Sweden within in one week, fantastic. I will definitely shop here again soon.
Väldet Hjärtformad Golv-längd Chiffong Aftonklänning med Rufsar (017022510)
koposalj 2014-04-27 06:33:51
We bought this dress last year and it was huge in size. The front was size s but the back of the dress was size lL. Said an expert.After altering the dress it was okay and nice .
Trumpet/Sjöjungfru Rund-urringning Golvlång Tyll Aftonklänning med Applikationer Spetsar (017025685)
Ana 2014-03-06 08:46:09
I ordered this dress and was surprisingly amazed by the quality and the dress itself. I'm very happy with this dress and I can, without hesitation, recommend it to anyone who wants to have a beautiful evening dress. Another amazing thing was the quick delivery, it came in about 1 & 1/2 weeks.
Väldet One-Shoulder Golv-längd Chiffong Aftonklänning med Rufsar Blomma (or) (017004353)
Anna K 2013-11-27 08:38:09
Very beautiful! Thank you very much
A-linjeformat Axelbandslös Chapel släp Chiffong Aftonklänning med Rufsar Applikationer Spetsar (017017354)
Sausen 2013-06-01 11:45:52
Me and my daughter brought dresses from this site. I brought this dress and it was really wellmade. It was just as I wanted it and fit perfectly. I was really nervous when we ordered the dresses because it was my first time ordering online. All the nervousness were for naught because the dress is amazing. Its also really special because I have been looking for a dress and I have never seen such as this one in any store.
The dresses also fit if the measurements are taken perfectly. So I recommend everyone to do it right and follow the instructions. It also helps that this dress has a lace up back which makes it all easier, it also makes the dress usable in the future. I have seen many beautiful dresses in this site and I will be buying one again in the near future.
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